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Third-party websites

Our website hosts links from third-party sites to give visitors more knowledge and understanding of different topics. However, we do not own, control, or influence changes on these third-party websites. These websites and their content are NOT subjected to the terms of this privacy policy. Grynow Global is not (directly or indirectly) responsible for the monetary or non-monetary losses that occurred due to your access to and use of the information/services available on these third-party websites, thereby relieving itself from any legal obligations.

We advise reading the privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and conditions available on these third-party websites before using their information or services for your business.

Intellectual property ownership

Grynow Global and its staff and partners have exclusive intellectual rights to the content present on this website. Any attempts to infringe upon these rights will be met with legal liabilities.

By using this website, you agree to not copy, reprint, distribute, sell, or license any of the content present on this website without the company's consent. A formal request to use this website's content should be submitted to our registered phone number and email ID.

Age restrictions

We have a strict policy about who can access our services. Please exit this website if you are below the age of 18. We advise you against uploading any personal information if you do not meet the defined age requirement.

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Content use, website linking, and liability

While we attempt to provide the best information, we do not guarantee that the information presented on this website is always accurate or complete. By choosing to rely on this website's content, you, at this moment, relieve Grynow Global of any legal obligations that could result from the use/misuse of information presented on our website.

We do not guarantee that our website will be available for use at all times or have a set time frame to resolve errors and issues that hinder interrupted access to our website.

Grynow Global can request the removal of our content and/or link/links on your website. You agree to comply with our request immediately. We also reserve the right to amend our linking policies at any time. Your present linking to our website and those to follow are all subject to our updated linking terms and conditions.

Offensive terms

This website receives content from multiple sources, so there can be instances where you encounter offensive statements, comments, or terms. However, please ensure that Grynow Global and its staff and partners never intend to harm the beliefs of our visitors. We are not responsible for the derogatory content that you may encounter on this website or in other places. You can contact us through our official email ID and phone number, and we will investigate the matter.

Terms of service

  • Clients have the intellectual property right to the videos, photos, text, graphics, and other creations produced throughout the contract term. The client is responsible for defending Grynow Global and its staff and partners against damages caused by the misuse of any content.
  • Grynow Global does not retain any copyright or trademark on client content and, hence, is relieved of all legal obligations.
  • Grynow Global makes no assurances that our websites, applications, videos, and other solutions will result in 100% sales at all times.
  • Grynow Global is not responsible for changes made to our final products by clients or other third-party entities.
  • The service cost will be determined by the content type, creators, and the resources invested in recruitment and strategy planning.
  • Grynow Global is not subjected to legal obligations and/or punitive action that may arise from our Client's use or misuse of our services.
  • Grynow Global can suspend or discontinue our services at any time and for any reason without prior notifications. This extends to voluntary and/or involuntary breach of contract terms.
  • While Grynow Global optimizes our Clients' websites with the proper methods, we have no ties with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo and have no control over the Clients' website performance. We do not guarantee high search engine rankings.
  • Our clients reserve the right to terminate our services at any time. In such cases, we will communicate through your registered email ID and phone number.
  • Payments for creating a client's websites, applications, videos, and other resources as part of Grynow Global's services are non-refundable.

Terms and conditions changes

Grynow Global reserves the right to revise the contents of this terms and conditions page at our discretion without any prior notification. The changes will be in full effect and reflective of the transactions between Grynow Global and clients once updated on this page. We request all visitors to check the contents of this page frequently. Please exit this page now if you disagree with the present terms and conditions.

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