Privacy Policy

Please read this privacy policy, which details how Grynow Global ("we," "our," "us") collects, uses, and protects your information when you use our website and services. We respect the privacy of our website users and are committed to processing and protecting your Personal Information lawfully. By accessing our website, you are, at this moment, accepting and agreeing with the terms of this privacy policy.

Information Grynow Global collects from you.

Grynow Global's data collection policies are restricted to the information you voluntarily provide. For instance, brand name, phone number, email ID, website link, etc, that you submit through our website contact form.

We collect social media information like your profile links, username, data association with your followers, engagement rate, and content.

Information like your IP address, location, browser type, operating system, and browsing behavior, like the most viewed, scrolled, shared, or clicked website section, are also collected by Grynow Global when you visit our website.

How does Grynow Global use your Data?

The primary purpose of collecting your data is to build our services to meet client demands, which includes

  • Keeping you updated on new products or services that can benefit your business.
  • Protecting your interests against risk, damage, and fraudulent activities.
  • Aligning our services to real-time regulatory laws and guidelines.
  • Giving you a personalized experience when you visit our website or invest in our services.
  • Maintaining frequent communications as part of our relationship-building initiatives.
  • Researching new ways to improve our services and website
  • Targeted advertising

Grynow Global's collection, use, and storage of your data are limited to the contract terms and service duration. Your data will never be used in situations that do not involve your business.

Information disclosure

Our company staff, vendors, consultants, freelancers, advocates, affiliates, and other parties that are crucial to our ability to fulfill the contract terms will gain access to your personal information.

These parties will also gain access to your information.

  • To safeguard Grynow Global's interests, rights, and resources.
  • To ensure faster transactions
  • To identify and update your business profile in our system
  • To provide necessary site, social media, or service access to concerned parties
  • To fulfill our legal obligations, for instance, giving proof of advertising compliance to the required law enforcement agencies.
  • To safeguard the rights of individuals or groups associated with Grynow Global

Your information to all concerned parties will go through our company, and we will notify you of the same through your official contact details. The concerned parties are only permitted to use your information if it is to fulfill our service commitments. We will never ask you to communicate or provide direct information access to third-party entities.

Voluntary information disclosure

You can provide your information to other parties that are associated or not associated with Grynow Global. However, please understand that Grynow Global is not responsible for how they choose to use your information.

Information protection

Grynow Global has technological, manual oversight, and strategic safety measures in place to protect your personal information from malicious parties.

However, while we take the best precautions to safeguard your information, please understand that Grynow Global makes no guarantees, as no form of online transaction is 100% safe.

Changing or terminating your personal information

You have the right to request edits to your personal information provided to us. You also have the right to ask for the termination of your information. In such cases, we will undertake the necessary steps to address your request. However, our legal obligations can prevent us from deleting your information completely or compel the company to retain your information for a specific duration. We can honor your request after fulfilling our obligations.

Use of Cookie

We use different cookie types on our website, which you have the option to accept or decline. When you accept cookies, you give Grynow Global permission to monitor your session on our website. We also use cookies to provide customized experiences for every website visitor.

Cookies are also used for Grynow Global's remarketing efforts.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Grynow Global reserves the right to update its privacy policy at any time without prior notification. The events that prompt the privacy change reside at our sole discretion. You are requested to visit this page frequently and check the Last Updated date above. Proceeding to access this website beyond the last updated date indicates your compliance with the new changes, and you, therefore, are bound by the latest policy changes.

Please cease further use of this website if you disagree with any part of this privacy policy page. You can contact Grynow Global through our official email ID and phone number for further clarification.